MDR six sigma champion

Lean Six Sigma Champion Training

the 14th of January 2012 Almajdouie & De Rijke Logistics have
conducted the first Lean Six Sigma Champion (1st line manager)
training in Al Carlton Hotel in Al Khobar. MDR management together with their internal
suppliers like; MTR, CFC and IPD were invited to attend the session that became
a complete success and will function in the future as a business improvement
tool for the organization and its sister concerns. The division currently runs
training programs that use karate terms for functional deployment like;
Yellow-Belt (team leader), Green-Belt (supervisor), Black-Belt (manager),
Champion (process owner) and other terms that indicate the authority,
responsibility and knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma concept.  

What is Lean
Six Sigma?
A process-improvement
methodology to reduce defects (errors) and to eliminate various types of wastes
in the organization’s activities – thereby increasing satisfaction of its customers.

How will the organization benefit from Lean Six Sigma?                                                                                                                                 

*Defects at customer level are reduced substantially – increasing satisfaction of both external & internal customers.

*Focus changes from “product excellence’ to “process excellence”.                  *People stop hiding mistakes and work towards preventing mistakes in the future.                                                                                                          

*Process-mapping and value analysis helps to reduce wastages in the organization.                                                                                     

*Substantial improvement in profitability for the Organization.

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