Forklift accident prevention campaign

MDR_Yanpet forklift campaign


As an essential step toward EHSS culture enhancement, PHL launched a forklift campaign on March 7, 2019, in Packaging 2 area with the participation of Safety, Maintenance & Al-Majdouie. Logistics Manager, Mr. Faisal Al-Rasheedi highlighted the objective behind the campaign and the importance of sustaining safety especially with high forklift movements in the plant. PHL team described the incident happened recently in one of SABIC affiliates, shared the lessons learned, recalled incidents history, in addition, explained some scenarios which might lead to incidents. Vice President, Mr. John Hunley highlighted the importance of the awareness of all employees regarding risks associated with forklift movements and keeping safety as the first priority. Polymer Director Mr. Majdi Al-Hazmi, seconded on that by emphasizing to ensure the forklift drivers competencies and procedures compliance in order to sustain a safe workplace and contribute to incidents prevention. The meeting was hosted by MdR Project manager Mr. Taher Al bader and action Project manager Mr. Imtiaz Khan. In the end, management appreciated the joint PHL team efforts and recognized the visualization observed in the campaign which led to a deliverance of the campaign objectives.

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