Forklift accident prevention campaign

  As an essential step toward EHSS culture enhancement, PHL launched a forklift campaign on March 7, 2019, in Packaging 2 area with the participation of Safety, Maintenance & Al-Majdouie. Logistics Manager, Mr. Faisal Al-Rasheedi highlighted the objective behind the campaign and the importance of sustaining safety especially with high forklift movements in the plant. …

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GPCA 10th Supply Chain Conference

10th GPCA Supply Chain Conference

It was an inspiring triumph for MdR (Almajdouie De Rijke Ltd. Co.) in the 10th GPCA (Gulf petrochemical and chemical association) Supply Chain Conference. MdR actively had the participation in the profound and spectacular event. 10 delegates from MdR & Almajdouie participated in the event and the lead was taken by the General Manager. MdR …

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MDR Sadara liquids

Safe and successful startup of Sadara Liquids

The Liquids Handling Operations (MDR & Sadara) team celebrated the safe and successful commissioning and start-up of liquids operations. “We have worked very hard and dedicated the past years towards this achievement. Many hours of training, brainstorming and preparation from many people have led to this achievement. It’s a great example of how the partnership …

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MDR Visit Cees de Rijke

Visit de Rijke to Yanbu

Cees de Rijke & Edward v. Kasteel visit Yansab project MDR General manager Mr. Rudy Paiman Sadi along with Mr. CORNELIS LEENDERT DE RIJKE & Mr.EDWARD VAN KASTEEL (De Rijke), Visited the MDR-Yansab project site, in Yanbu on February 08. The team was welcomed by Mr.Imtiaz Ahmed Masood (MDR-Yansab project manager). He was briefed on …

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MDR Solids record

New Packaging Record

Solids packaging team score new record Sadara Site Logistics reports that a new record was achieved this month for packing production solids from Plastics Trains 1, 2 and 3. On June 17, MdR packed about 4,000 metric tons (MT) of plastic solids within a 24-hour period in the Sadara project, compared with a previous high …

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Yansab Campaign

MDR YANSAB: PHD – 1st EHSS Winner 2014

By grace of Allah, Product Handling Department was awarded the 1st EHSS Winner of 2014, delivered by Yansab Chairman, Yansab President and Board Members during Yansab Year End Ceremony. The award is a true reflection of Yansab Board of Director and Management commitment to EHSS. Product Handling Department is honored with this recognition and trust. …

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