MDR Solids record

New Packaging Record

Sadara Site Logistics reports that a new record was achieved this month for packing production solids from Plastics Trains 1, 2 and 3.

On June 17, MdR packed about 4,000 metric tons (MT) of plastic solids within a 24-hour period in the Sadara project, compared with a previous high of about 3,700 MT November 2017 and a benchmark level of 3,565 MT.

In Plastics Train 4, MdR Sadara achieved the highest inbound and outbound quantities for 24 hours with 2,500 MT, breaking last year’s record of 2,000 MT in September 2017.

Darcis Bart, MdR project manager in Sadara was very proud for this achievement especially it was during the EID holidays. “ We have proven that our service level was not affected by the holiday period and the rough circumstances within (Sandstorms). This shows a lot of commitment and professionalism towards our customers.

“Great job! Excellent teamwork,” said Amgd AlHuzli, Sadara SHO superintendent. “This is added proof that Solids Handling Operations and all the support functions in Supply Chain are committed to passing the CRT (Creditors Reliability Test) and providing the market with what it needs.”

Aiman Baslamah, senior manager of Sadara Site Logistics Operations , noted: “We appreciate the hard work displayed by this team. The teamwork and commitment shown by everyone in Site Logistics are key to Sadara’s continuing success.”

Usman Mushtaq, Sadara Supply Chain director, commenting on the new record, said: “Supply Chain is proud of this achievement and the people who made it possible. This teamwork and the results are sending a clear message to the market that we are ready to exceed the limits.”

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