A gift on National Day: MdR sets 24-hour drumming record in Sadara Packaging center

Site Logistics’ Liquid Handling Operations (LHO) team from MdR marked the Kingdom’s 89th National Day by setting a 24-hour drumming record on Sep. 23.

MdR logistics located at Jubail site Sadara achieved together with his partner Sadara its highest-ever drumming throughput by filling 6,480 drums (81 containers) in 24 hours. The record throughput exceeded by 8 percent the design MAC, or Maximum Asset Capability, of 6,000 drums (75 containers).

The previous 24-hour drumming throughput record was set on Jul. 23, 2018, with 5,120 drums (64 containers)

Darcis Bart, Sadara Lead Project Manager MdR, was very proud to see the cooperation between all the different affiliates within the Sadara and MdR organization that was involved achieving the record. He stated also : `To give you an idea over 100 people with several roles and responsibilities needed close collaboration to make this happen. So, this would not be possible without perfect alignment, communication and close follow up between all these team members and leaders and most important without compromising in our high safety and quality standards`

Boudewijn Martens, Liquids Operations Manager MdR, congratulated the team on the new record, saying: ” I’m proud to see our drum related teams are growing mature, and it showed in the achievement of the 81 containers. Such an achievement might be something that should be taken for granted, which is certainly not the case. It was a close collaboration between all teams and right there is where we see the maturity; Collaboration, from planning, tank farm, maintenance, truck marshalling, warehouse and drumming team, all performed as one. (Understand that aside from tank farm all are operated by MdR)

Beyond this we achieved this in a safe manner the few square meters in our warehouse for loading of the containers is not the most ideal environment for doing so, it has its design issues for which we can do less than adapting to it. If you imagine that the record involved 12960 forklift movements while coordinators, Sealman, operators for strapping the containers, labors for labeling etc. operate in the same few square meters of space. Then you understand the same maturity and understanding of safety and risks of you working environment is present and displayed.

Dr. Abdullah Alahmari, Sadara VP of Business & Services, extended his thanks and congratulations to the teams, and noted the significance of the achievement in the context of the Kingdom’s National Day.

Usman Mushtaq, Sadara Supply Chain director, commented: “This is an excellent performance while maintaining the highest level of safety. As a reference point, this is 27 percent higher than the previous best performance we achieved in third quarter 2018.”

Aiman Baslamah, Sadara Site Logistics senior manager, said: “We would like to thank you all for your leadership in achieving the highest daily record in the drumming facility. This achievement was made possible by excellent collaboration between the Sadara and MdR teams. Keep up this excellent performance in a safe manner.”

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