Almajdouie secures landmark contract with Ibn Rushd

Sabic awarded a five-year (extendable for three years) contract to Almajdouie for end-to-end logistics operations at Ibn Rushd’s Yanbu plant. This milestone agreement marks the first time Ibn Rushd has changed its equipment and manpower supplier in 15 years.

Almajdouie is charged with on-site product packaging and handling activities, loading trucks, container stuffing, receiving empty containers, and dispatching full boxes. The company will also handle export operations for containers, including customs clearance, raw material handling, and some liquid ISO-container shuttling.

Furthermore, Almajdouie will handle all administrative requirements for the client’s IT-platform and associated inventory management. 95% of the operations be conducted at the Yanbu plant, and the remaining 5% will be split between Almajdouie’s Yanbu terminal and custom clearance facility at the Jeddah port.

At Almajdouie, safety and efficiency go hand in hand. This not only reduces the risk of accidents, it also ensures better quality services and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

MdR General Manager Rudy Sadi said:

“To execute the job safely, we will deploy and implement procedures and practices as per Sabic’s Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Management (SHEM) requirements, as well as our Gulf SQAS, ISO, and Responsible Care standards. We believe this will bring value to Ibn Rushd’s entire supply chain.” He added: “MdR was honoured with the Best Contractor of the Year Award 2018 for its work with the Yansab Project, which reflects our commitment to safety and following best operational practices. We also aim to do this with Ibn Rushd by transferring key-people from existing operations and designing a safety training programme to bring newly hired staff in line with our high standards. At the same time, we remain committed to guiding our logistics operations towards sustainable business and securing business continuity through proper risk management.”