Almajdouie de Rijke

In 2006, Almajdouie Group of Saudi Arabia and De Rijke Group of the Netherlands formed a joint venture to explore the market of Saudi Arabia as well as the GCC for providing logistics services to the petro-chemical industry.

Joint venture

The joint venture combines both companies knowledge and expertise. Being a key supplier to the (petro) chemical  industry, MdR has the expertise to provide integrated and best-in-class supply chain solutions.

MDR is fully committed to establish, implement and maintain relevant standards for Safety, Security, Health, Environment and Quality, the management system demonstrates awareness of applicable laws and regulatory standards.

Our Services


Technology plays a vital role in the success of the business and it can be trusted that we have the required solutions and in-house expertise to meet clients’ requirements competently and efficiently, and to maintain the highest standards of services and best-in-class performance.


MDR blue drums

With a variety of equipment, solutions and a strong intermodal network provided by sister concerns and combined with capabilities for on- and off-site operations MDR has become one of the leading companies in the Middle East. 

Bulk Loading

MDR Bagging Operator

With considerable expertise in all aspects of the supply chain management, we can provide our customers with smart solutions in logistics and meet their high expectations. MDR handles more than 500 transport and storage orders every day. Customers request rapid, efficient and transparent handling processes.

Container Handling

MDR Container Handling

The Petrochemical industry has stricter trade laws, more complex regulations than before and customer demands and expectations are getting higher and higher everyday. Efficiency, safety, and accuracy of operation are paramount when packaging, transporting and finishing products.

Our Amazing Clients

Customers reviews

MdR Has shown a great amount of commitment towards building the EHSS culture and I'm impressed with the result driven approach!
MDR Silhouette
Al Ghamdi Mohammed
EHSS Manager
My interaction with the MdR team has been very extensive and I recommend working with them in the solids and liquids operation!
MDR Silhouette
Hassan Al Maghribi
Manager Operations